Today, new product development is accelerating while competition in markets makes producers to prefer to have certain (sub-) components of a product manufactured by subcontractors. Beyond the final products’ measurements, a set of dimensional/spatial quality control throughout design process of products is necessary under these circumstances.

Optical measuring method spreads rapidly thanks to its speed, flexibility, 100% quality control ability and high degree of sensitivity, thus it replaces conventional measuring techniques.

3D4U Technology serves you with the optical measurement industry leader GOM’s highest ranking solution ATOS TRIPLE SCAN.

Data which is collected as the result of a delicate scanning process via ATOS TRIPLE SCAN, gets aligned with the CAD data of the component in the most suitable mapping/superposition method through GOM inspect software to ensure all-surface quality control.

Scan data (polygon mesh data) is useful in quality control applications in below mentioned ways.
  • Demonstrating.

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