3D optical scanning is basically digitizing of a tangible by optical triangulation and projection technique.

3D4UTechnology is capable of providing 3D digitizing services both in house or on site.

Small things like dental implants or greater ones like an airplane itself can be scanned regardless of their sizes thanks to this technique. 3D optical scanning, as the most effective technique for analyzing the complex structures of complicated components, attains millions of three dimensional coordinates in few seconds.

Following applications stand as examples of usage of the data that is collected from optical scanning process;
  • Extracting quick CNC program from STL data and proceeding with production.
  • Dimensional/spatial quality control.
  • Reverse engineering.
  • Quick prototyping.

Optical scanning is generally used in; aerospace and defense industries, automotive industry, medical industry , casting & molding, sheet forming, injection molding, rail systems, boat building etc.

3D Coordinate Measuring System – Tritop

Tritop is the portable three dimensional coordinate measuring system. This system is suitable for designating the 3D coordinates of point markers and transferring them to the main system; so that it reduces the cost and duration of an application for our customers.

Tritop is generally used in;

  • Quality control of sizable things.
  • Verifying straightedge and fixture.
  • Static deformation analyses.

Apart from these functions mentioned above, Tritop is also being used, before 3D scanning huge objects, in designating coordinates of reference points. In this way, a more sensitive measurement can be made.


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